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Nigeria, US Can Work On Climate Change, Global Challenges - Osinbajo

Attached Photo of: Nigeria, US Can Work On Climate Change, Global Challenges - Osinbajo

A renewed commitment by both Nigeria and the United States to work together on many global issues, especially on climate change and the global energy transition towards net-zero emissions emerged yesterday at the White House after a meeting between Vice President Yemi Osinbajo and his United States counterpart, Vice President Kamala Harris.

Prof. Osinbajo while responding to welcome remarks by Harris said; “We very strongly believe that we (Nigeria and US) in the coming years, will need to work together again on so many global challenges that are varied, and they come up very frequently now from promoting peace and security, to tackling global health issues and climate change and of course, economic adversity.”

Speaking specifically about Nigeria’s Energy Transition Plan, Prof. Osinbajo in a statement by his media aide, Laolu Akande said; “The plan is important for us because we see especially, the climate crisis as two existential issues; one is the crisis itself, second the energy poverty which is an issue for us in our part of the world.

“So, while we look forward to the 2060 carbon neutrality goal, we are also hoping that even within a shorter period by 2030 we will deal with the issue of energy poverty.

“We look forward to the coming years and months for even greater collaboration and stronger ties between our countries to create a fairer, more prosperous and perhaps a greener, also freer nation and nations and the world,” he added.

He then commended the US for its innovative approach to addressing climate change, noting; “I must also congratulate you because of the Inflation Reduction Act and again, in particular, this is historic especially for those of us who are paying attention to all the issues of climate change.”

Earlier the American vice president welcomed Nigeria’s Energy Transition Plan, praising Osinbajo’s extraordinary leadership.

Referencing the global advocacy of Prof. Osinbajo on the issue of a just energy transition, Harris observed that her Nigerian counterpart had been an extraordinary leader on this issue and that she noticed this is something he feels very strongly about and have been very adamant about the role Nigeria is playing in addressing this crisis that faces everyone.

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